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22 September 2025 @ 09:25 am

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For more information contact:
Christopher McDonald – (515) 201-9137


West Des Moines, IA (May 7, 2009) – Each May, the Iowa Asian Alliance (IAA) unites Asian American communities in Iowa to celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month during a daylong festival known as CelebrAsian: The Asian Heritage Festival. Join the celebrAsian this year on Saturday, May 16, 2009, at the Iowa State Capitol, East Campus, in Des Moines, Iowa from 10 am to 8 pm. Since its inception seven years ago, CelebrAsian: The Annual Asian Heritage Festival has steadily become one of the year's most anticipated events. It brings together people across the Midwest to experience Asia in Iowa. CelebrAsian is the largest Asian American event in Iowa, showcasing cultural exhibits, history, food, performance artists, sports, martial arts, children’s activities, and other family-friendly activities.

“The Iowa Asian Alliance is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to showcase the cultural traditions and celebrate the rich diversity of the many distinctive Asian communities in Iowa” said Christopher McDonald, Chairman of the Iowa Asian Alliance. “CelebrAsian is a vehicle for our communities to reflect and promote a connected, informed, and diverse Iowa.” added McDonald.

CelebrAsian is organized around distinct Asian “villages,” representing twelve distinct Asian communities that live in Iowa. Villages include: Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Laos, Nepalese, Taidam, Vietnamese, and Thai. Each village showcases the food, culture, history, arts, and crafts indigenous to their culture.

Participants of all ages can also enjoy a wide array of activities, including Asian cuisine, martial arts performances and competition, cooking demonstrations, exhibits and sale of traditional and contemporary Asian crafts, and live musical, martial arts, and arts performances at the following CelebrAsian destination spots:

• Sports and martial arts village
• Health and wellness village
• Children’s activities village
• Asian Fusion Arts Pavilion
• Entertainment stage
• Cooking Center

Those interested in learning more about how they can join the CelebrAsian should visit www.celebrAsian.org or contact IAA at 515.273.5100. Admission to CelebrAsian is free and open to the public due to the generous support from the following leading companies and organizations:

•Co-Hosts – Polk County Board of Supervisors, Coldwell Banker
•Festival Champions – The Des Moines Register, Lite 104.1 FM, and Mediacom
•Festival Leaders – American Family Insurance, BRAVO Des Moines, Citi, Principal Financial Group, and Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

About Iowa Asian Alliance

Founded in 2002, Iowa Asian Alliance (IAA) is a non-profit organization established by Asian American business, community and civic leaders for the purpose of forging cultural understanding and growth within the state of Iowa. IAA’s mission is to grow Iowa through a united Asian American community, and its vision is that Asian Americans in Iowa are an integral part of a vibrant and prosperous community of diverse people.

IAA represents and serves the following Asian ethnic groups: Burma, Cambodia, China, Hmong, India, Japan, Korea, Lao, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan, Taidam, Thailand, and Vietnam.


CelebrAsian 2009 Fact Sheet
WHAT: 7th Annual Asian Heritage Festival will celebrate 12 Asian American communities.
Time: 10 am – 8 pm, on Saturday, May 16, 2009 Place: Iowa State Capital—East Campus

Here’s how everyone can join the celebrAsian:
•Experience an entire continent through twelve Asian villages as they present their communities through crafts, history, art, gifts and food. Villages include: Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong Indian, Japanese, Korean, Laos, Nepalese, Taidam, Vietnamese, and Thai.
•Find out how Iowa connects to Asia and the world in the diplomacy village comprised of organizations that connect Iowa to the world through their work
•Be a part of a Volleyball tournament as competitors or spectators
•Tempt the palate with Asian food that ranges from the traditional to the contemporary; the classic to the exotic
•Enjoy the music, dancing and singing
•Go green with interactive games and activities for children
•Learn from workshops, demonstrations, other hands-on activities
•Receive health screening at the Health and Wellness Village
•Traditional cultural performance that entertains and educates
•Cheer for eight talented finalists who will compete in the Next SensAsian Talent Contest
•Unleashes the warrior spirit during Martial Arts tournament and demonstrations as a competitor or spectator
•Enjoy the Asian fashion show with a going green theme

New in 2009:
•Asian Fusion: Asian artists lead a collaborative “Happening” that will incorporate all aspects of the arts
•Local musical headliner Larry Berenguel shares the stage with national musical headliner Legaci
•Start and/or end the day at CelebrAsian H.Q. & Marketplace. This must-stop for all provides opportunities to meet entertainers, purchase CDs and official celebrAsian merchandise and sign up for a chance to win hourly door prizes featuring the most important highlights of CelebrAsian

Everyone is invited to join the celebrAsian! Expected attendance—45,000-50,000. An Iowa Asian Alliance event co-hosted by Polk County Board of Supervisors, and Coldwell Banker. Other festival sponsors include Des Moines Register, Integer Group, Lite 104.1, Mediacom, American Family Insurance, BRAVO Des Moines, Citi, Pioneer Hi –Bred, a DuPont business, Principal Financial Group, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Iowa Asian Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing Iowa through the united Asian American community in the areas of business, economic and community development.

Through the Asian Heritage Festival, the Iowa Asian Alliance hopes to:
•Celebrate Asian American contributions to Iowa’s culture and economy.
•Provide Iowans an opportunity to experience and better understand Asian cultures.

According to the 2000 census, there are 13,614 Asian Americans in the greater Des Moines area, comprising 3.5 percent of the area’s population. Statewide, about 43,000 Asian Americans reside in Iowa. The 1,700 Iowa businesses owned by Asian Americans contribute nearly $273 million to the economy and make up 32 percent of Iowa’s minority-owned businesses.

Visit: www.IowaAsianAlliance.com or www.celebrAsian.org
Phone: 515-273-5100, E-mail: info@iowaasianalliance.com

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Iowa Asian Alliance
4600 Westown Parkway
Regency 6, Suite 105
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
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16 March 2008 @ 06:00 pm
I found some sheet music of hide and uploaded them.  The music was on this Chinese site that disappeared as I viewed it! :O  I managed to save everything they had of hide, and two pages of Say Anything from X-Japan, but the site broke as I was saving that.  Anyway, here is hide (the music itself is only in treble clef, and it is the melody, so I'm assuming it's for vocals, but you can play it on any instrument that plays treble clef, like the violin or trumpet):

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10 February 2008 @ 07:58 pm
Basically, I'm organizing links to all my fanfiction here, so that it is easier to access them.  Fanfiction is all friend only so you will have to ADD ME to be able to read,  If you add me, you can be assured that there is a 100% chance of me adding you back,  Unless you know me in real life.  Then, the chance is 0%.  Anyway, all of this is listed in alphabetical order.^^:

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23 January 2008 @ 06:05 pm
Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me abut your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me how much you hate me. How much you love me. Tell me anything.

Post anonymously. Speak honestly, because there isn't any censure here. Post as many times as you like. One faceless wonder to another.

And then, pass it on.
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18 January 2008 @ 04:09 pm
Are you Asian and named Alice, like me?  Do you have a Facebook?

Well, if you are, you should definitely join the recently made "The Alice Manifesto" group that Alice X and I made on Facebook today, during lunch.  The theme is based off of Communism, but we do not, in any way, promote that.  We are listed under religious groups, but the group is just for fun.  So, we don't promote anything, political or religion wise. 

I'm Marx.  The other Alice is Mao.  We need a Lenin and a Stalin.  EDIT: Lenin has been found.  Alick says he will be Stalin but he hasn't joined the group yet and it has been, like, three months. D:  LAME~  Anyway, someone can still be Stalin.  And we'll have a McCarthy too, if anyone wants him; the anti-hero!! 

Join, everyone! <3 
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13 January 2008 @ 01:56 pm
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